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Ultralight dark matter detection with mechanical quantum sensors

TitleUltralight dark matter detection with mechanical quantum sensors
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsD. Carney, A. Hook, Z. Liu, J. M. Taylor, and Y. Zhao
JournalNew J. Phys.
Date Publishedfeb
Keywordsdark matter, Optomechanics, quantum sensing

We consider the use of quantum-limited mechanical force sensors to detect ultralight (sub-meV) dark matter (DM) candidates which are weakly coupled to the standard model. We show that mechanical sensors with masses around or below the milligram scale, operating around the standard quantum limit, would enable novel searches for DM with natural frequencies around the kHz scale. This would complement existing strategies based on torsion balances, atom interferometers, and atomic clock systems.