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Rydberg-Mediated Entanglement in a Two-Dimensional Neutral Atom Qubit Array

TitleRydberg-Mediated Entanglement in a Two-Dimensional Neutral Atom Qubit Array
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsT.. M. Graham, M.. Kwon, B.. Grinkemeyer, Z.. Marra, X.. Jiang, M.. T. Lichtman, Y.. Sun, M.. Ebert, and M.. Saffman
JournalPhys. Rev. Lett.
Date PublishedDEC 4
Type of ArticleArticle

We demonstrate high fidelity two-qubit Rydberg blockade and entanglement on a pair of sites in a large two-dimensional qubit array. The qubit array is defined by a grid of blue detuned lines of light with 121 sites for trapping atomic qubits. Improved experimental methods have increased the observed Bell state fidelity to F-Bell = 0.86(2). Accounting for errors in state preparation and measurement we infer a fidelity of F-(SPAM)(Bell) = 0.88. Accounting for errors in single qubit operations we infer that a Bell state created with the Rydberg mediated C-Z gate has a fidelity of F-Bell(CZ) = 0.89. Comparison with a detailed error model based on quantum process matrices indicates that finite atom temperature and laser noise are the dominant error sources contributing to the observed gate infidelity.