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Quantum logic via the exchange blockade in ultracold collisions

TitleQuantum logic via the exchange blockade in ultracold collisions
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsD. Hayes, P. S. Julienne, and I. Deutsch
Date Publishedsep
Keywords2006, Single Fellow

A nuclear spin can act as a quantum switch that turns on or off ultracold collisions between atoms even when there is neither interaction between nuclear spins nor between the nuclear and electron spins. This "exchange blockade" is a new mechanism for implementing quantum logic gates that arises from the symmetry of composite identical particles, rather than direct coupling between qubits. We study the implementation of the entangling \$\backslash sqrt\{\backslash text\{SWAP\}\}\$ gate based on this mechanism for a model system of two atoms with ground electron configuration \$\^{}1S\_0\$, spin 1/2 nuclei, trapped in optical tweezers. We evaluate a proof-of-principle protocol based on adiabatic evolution of a one dimensional double Gaussian well, calculating fidelities of operation as a function of interaction strength, gate time, and temperature.