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Persistence and survival in equilibrium step fluctuations

TitlePersistence and survival in equilibrium step fluctuations
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsM. Constantin, C. Dasgupta, S. Das Sarma, D. B. Dougherty, and E. D. Williams
JournalJ. Stat. Mech.
Date Publishedjul
Keywords2007, Single Fellow

Results of analytic and numerical investigations of first-passage properties of equilibrium fluctuations of monatomic steps on a vicinal surface are reviewed. Both temporal and spatial persistence and survival probabilities, as well as the probability of persistent large deviations, are considered. Results of experiments in which dynamical scanning tunnelling microscopy is used to evaluate these first-passage properties for steps with different microscopic mechanisms of mass transport are also presented and interpreted in terms of theoretical predictions for appropriate models. Effects of discrete sampling, finite system size and finite observation time, which are important in understanding the results of experiments and simulations, are discussed.