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Nonequilibrium steady state phases of the interacting Aubry-Andre-Harper model

TitleNonequilibrium steady state phases of the interacting Aubry-Andre-Harper model
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsY. Yoo, J. Lee, and B. Swingle
JournalPhys. Rev. B
Date Publishednov

Here, we study the phase diagram of the Aubry-Andre-Harper model in the presence of strong interactions as the strength of the quasiperiodic potential is varied. Previous work has established the existence of a many-body localized phase at a large potential strength; here, we find a rich phase diagram in the delocalized regime characterized by spin transport and unusual correlations. We calculate the nonequilibrium steady states of a boundary-driven strongly interacting Aubry-Andre-Harper model by employing the time-evolving block decimation algorithm on matrix product density operators. From these steady states, we extract spin transport as a function of system size and quasiperiodic potential strength. These data show spin transport going from superdiffusive to subdiffusive well before the localization transition; comparing to previous results, we also find that the transport transition is distinct from a transition observed in the speed of operator growth in the model. We also investigate the correlation structure of the steady state and find an unusual oscillation pattern for intermediate values of the potential strength. The unusual spin transport and quantum correlation structure suggest multiple dynamical phases between the much-studied thermal and many-body localized phases.