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Narrow-line Cooling and Determination of the Magic Wavelength of Cd

TitleNarrow-line Cooling and Determination of the Magic Wavelength of Cd
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsA.. Yamaguchi, M.. S. Safronova, K.. Gibble, and H.. Katori
JournalPhys. Rev. Lett.
Date PublishedSEP 13
Type of ArticleArticle

We experimentally and theoretically determine the magic wavelength of the (5s(2))S-1(0) - (5s5p)P-3(0) clock transition of Cd-111 to be 419.88(14) and 420.1(7) nm. To perform Lamb-Dicke spectroscopy of the clock transition, we use narrow-line laser cooling on the S-1(0) - P-3(1) transition to cool the atoms to 6 mu K and load them into an optical lattice. Cadmium is an attractive candidate for optical lattice clocks because it has a small sensitivity to blackbody radiation and its efficient narrow-line cooling mitigates higher order light shifts. We calculate the blackbody shift, including the dynamic correction, to be fractionally 2.83(8) x 10(-16) at 300 K, an order of magnitude smaller than that of Sr and Yb. We also report calculations of the Cd P-1(1) lifetime and the ground state C-6 coefficient.