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Magneto-optical trapping using planar optics

TitleMagneto-optical trapping using planar optics
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsW. R. McGehee, W. Zhu, D. S. Barker, D. Westly, A. Yulaev, N. Klimov, A. Agrawal, S. Eckel, V. Aksyuk, and J. J. McClelland
JournalNew J. Phys.
Date Publishedjan
Keywordslaser cooling, metasurfaces, photonic integrated circuits

Laser-cooled atoms are a key technology for many calibration-free measurement platforms-including clocks, gyroscopes, and gravimeters-and are a promising system for quantum networking and quantum computing. The optics and vacuum hardware required to prepare these gases are often bulky and not amenable to large-volume manufacturing, limiting the practical realization of devices benefiting from the properties of cold atoms. Planar, lithographically produced optics including photonic integrated circuits, optical metasurfaces (MSs), and gratings offer a pathway to develop chip-scale, manufacturable devices utilizing cold atoms. As a demonstration of this technology, we have realized laser cooling of atomic Rb in a grating-type magneto-optical trap (MOT) using planar optics for beam launching, beam shaping, and polarization control. Efficient use of available light is accomplished using MS-enabled beam shaping, and the performance of the planar optics MOT is competitive with Gaussian-beam illuminated grating MOTs.