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Griffiths physics in an ultracold Bose gas

TitleGriffiths physics in an ultracold Bose gas
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsM.. E. W. Reed, Z.. S. Smith, A. Dewan, and S.. L. Rolston
JournalPhys. Rev. A
Date PublishedJUN 17
Type of ArticleArticle

Coupled XY model systems consisting of three-dimensional (3D) systems with disordered interlayer physics are of significant theoretical interest. We realize a set of coupled quasi-2D layers of Rb-87 in the presence of disordered interlayer coupling. This is achieved with our high bandwidth arbitrary optical lattice to obviate restrictions on the dimensionality of disorder with speckle-generated optical fields. We identify phase crossover regions compatible with the existence of a pair of intermediate Griffiths phases between a thermal state and the emergence of bulk 3D superfluidity.