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Hydrodynamic sound and plasmons in three dimensions, S-K. Jian, and S. Das Sarma , Phys. Rev. B, 103 (2021)
Impact of the precursor gas ratio on dispersion engineering of broadband silicon nitride microresonator frequency combs, G. Moille, D. Westly, G. Simelgor, and K. Srinivasan , Opt. Lett., 46, 5970-5973 (2021)
Inelastic Scattering of a Photon by a Quantum Phase Slip, R.. Kuzmin, N.. Grabon, N.. Mehta, A.. Burshtein, M.. Goldstein, M.. Houzet, , and V.. E. Manucharyan , Phys. Rev. Lett., 126 (2021)
Interaction-Driven Filling-Induced Metal-Insulator Transitions in 2D Moire Lattices, H. Pan, and S. Das Sarma , Phys. Rev. Lett., 127 (2021)
Intrinsic Entropy of Squeezed Quantum Fields and Nonequilibrium Quantum Dynamics of Cosmological Perturbations, J-T. Hsiang, and B-L. Hu , Entropy, 23 (2021)
Intrinsic Time-Reversal-Invariant Topological Superconductivity in Thin Films of Iron-Based Superconductors, R-X. Zhang, and D. S. Sarma , Phys. Rev. Lett., 126 (2021)
Josephson detection of time-reversal symmetry broken superconductivity in SnTe nanowires, C.. J. Trimble, M.. T. Wei, N.. F. Q. Yuan, S.. S. Kalantre, P.. Liu, H.. - J. Han, M.. - G. Han, Y.. Zhu, J.. J. Cha, L. Fu, et al. , npj Quantum Mater., 6 (2021)
Know the enemy: 2D Fermi liquids, S. Das Sarma, and Y. Liao , Ann. Phys., 435 (2021)
Lattice vibration as a knob on exotic quantum criticality, SE. Han, J. Lee, and E-G. Moon , Phys. Rev. B, 103 (2021)
Lieb-Robinson Light Cone for Power-Law Interactions, M. C. Tran, A. Y. Guo, C. L. Baldwin, A. Ehrenberg, A. V. Gorshkov, and A. Lucas , Phys. Rev. Lett., 127, 160401 (2021)
Light-Matter Interactions in Synthetic Magnetic Fields: Landau-Photon Polaritons, D. De Bernardis, Z-P. Cian, I. Carusotto, M. Hafezi, and P. Rabl , Phys. Rev. Lett., 126 (2021)
Light-induced topological superconductivity via Floquet interaction engineering, H. Dehghani, M. Hafezi, and P. Ghaemi , Phys. Rev. Res., 3 (2021)
Light-Matter Interactions in Synthetic Magnetic Fields: Landau-Photon Polaritons, D. De Bernardis, Z-P. Cian, I. Carusotto, M. Hafezi, and P. Rabl , Phys. Rev. Lett., 126 (2021)
Local Control of Supercurrent Density in Epitaxial Planar Josephson Junctions, B. Heiba Elfeky, N. Lotfizadeh, W. F. Schiela, W. M. Strickland, M. Dartiailh, K. Sardashti, M. Hatefipour, P. Yu, N. Pankratova, H. Lee, et al. , Nano Lett., 21, 8274-8280 (2021)
Loschmidt echo of far-from-equilibrium fermionic superfluids, C. Rylands, E. A. Yuzbashyan, V. Gurarie, A. Zabalo, and V. Galitski , Ann. Phys., 435 (2021)
Low power threshold, ultrathin optical limiter based on a nonlinear zone plate, Y. Zhao, H. Chalabi, and E. Waks , Opt. Express, 29, 33144-33154 (2021)
Low-noise photon counting above 100 x 10(6) counts per second with a high-efficiency reach-through single-photon avalanche diode system, M. A. Wayne, J. C. Bienfang, and A. L. Migdall , Appl. Phys. Lett., 118 (2021)
Machine learning the thermodynamic arrow of time, A. Seif, M. Hafezi, and C. Jarzynski , Nat. Phys., 17 (2021)
Machine-learning enhanced dark soliton detection in Bose-Einstein condensates, S. Guo, A. R. Fritsch, C. Greenberg, I.. B. Spielman, and J. P. Zwolak , Mach. Learn.-Sci. Technol., 2 (2021)
Magneto-optical trapping using planar optics, W. R. McGehee, W. Zhu, D. S. Barker, D. Westly, A. Yulaev, N. Klimov, A. Agrawal, S. Eckel, V. Aksyuk, and J. J. McClelland , New J. Phys., 23 (2021)
Magnetotransport in hybrid InSe/monolayer graphene on SiC, C-Y. Wang, Y-W. Lin, C. Chuang, C-H. Yang, D. K. Patel, S-Z. Chen, C-C. Yeh, W-C. Chen, C-C. Lin, Y-H. Chen, et al. , Nanotechnology, 32 (2021)
Manipulating atom-number distributions and detecting spatial distributions in lattice-confined spinor gases, J.. O. Austin, Z.. N. Shaw, Z.. Chen, K.. W. Mahmud, and Y. Liu , Phys. Rev. A, 104 (2021)
Many-Body Chern Number from Statistical Correlations of Randomized Measurements, Z-P. Cian, H. Dehghani, A. Elben, B. Vermersch, G. Zhu, M. Barkeshli, P. Zoller, and M. Hafezi , Phys. Rev. Lett., 126 (2021)
Many-body physics in small systems: Observing the onset and saturation of correlation in linear atomic chains, E. Townsend, T. Neuman, A. Debrecht, J. Aizpurua, and G. W. Bryant , Phys. Rev. B, 103 (2021)
Many-body thermodynamics on quantum computers via partition function zeros, A. Francis, D. Zhu, C. Huerta Alderete, S. Johri, X. Xiao, J. K. Freericks, C. Monroe, N. M. Linke, and A. F. Kemper , Science Advances, 7 (2021)