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Dynamic polarizability measurements with Lu-176(+)

TitleDynamic polarizability measurements with Lu-176(+)
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsK.. J. Arnold, R.. Kaewuam, T.. R. Tan, S.. G. Porsev, M.. S. Safronova, and M.. D. Barrett
JournalPhys. Rev. A
Date PublishedJAN 15
Type of ArticleArticle

We measure the differential polarizability of the Lu-176(+) S-1(0) <-> D-3(1) clock transition at multiple wavelengths. This experimentally characterizes the differential dynamic polarizability for frequencies up to 372 THz and allows an experimental determination of the dynamic correction to the blackbody radiation shift for the clock transition. In addition, measurements at the near resonant wavelengths of 598 and 646 nm determine the two dominant contributions to the differential dynamic polarizability below 372 THz. These additional measurements are carried out by two independent methods to verify the validity of our methodology. We also carry out a theoretical calculation of the polarizabilities using the hybrid method that combines the configuration interaction (CI) and the coupled-cluster approaches, incorporating for the first time quadratic nonlinear terms and partial triple excitations in the coupled-cluster calculations. The experimental measurements of the vertical bar < D-3(1)parallel to r parallel to P-3(J)>vertical bar matrix elements provide high-precision benchmarks for this theoretical approach.