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Demonstration of Two-Atom Entanglement with Ultrafast Optical Pulses

TitleDemonstration of Two-Atom Entanglement with Ultrafast Optical Pulses
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsJ.. D. Wong-Campos, S.. A. Moses, K.. G. Johnson, and C.. Monroe
Date PublishedDEC 8
Type of ArticleArticle

We demonstrate quantum entanglement of two trapped atomic ion qubits using a sequence of ultrafast laser pulses. Unlike previous demonstrations of entanglement mediated by the Coulomb interaction, this scheme does not require confinement to the Lamb-Dicke regime and can be less sensitive to ambient noise due to its speed. To elucidate the physics of an ultrafast phase gate, we generate a high entanglement rate using just ten pulses, each of similar to 20 ps duration, and demonstrate an entangled Bell state with (76 +/- 1)% fidelity. These results pave the way for entanglement operations within a large collection of qubits by exciting only local modes of motion.}, %%Address = {ONE PHYSICS ELLIPSE, COLLEGE PK, MD 20740-3844 USA