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Atypical quantized resistances in millimeter-scale epitaxial graphene p-n junctions

TitleAtypical quantized resistances in millimeter-scale epitaxial graphene p-n junctions
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsA. E. Rigosi, D. Patel, M. Marzano, M. Kruskopf, H. M. Hill, H. Jin, J. Hu, A. R. Hight Walker, M. Ortolano, L. Callegaro, C-T. Liang, and D. B. Newell
Date PublishedDEC
Type of ArticleArticle

We have demonstrated the millimeter-scale fabrication of monolayer epitaxial graphene p-n junction devices using simple ultraviolet photolithography, thereby significantly reducing device processing time compared to that of electron beam lithography typically used for obtaining sharp junctions. This work presents measurements yielding nonconventional, fractional multiples of the typical quantized Hall resistance at nu = 2 (R-H approximate to 12906 Omega) that take the form: a/bR(H). Here, a and b have been observed to take on values such 1, 2, 3, and 5 to form various coefficients of R-H. Additionally, we provide a framework for exploring future device configurations using the LTspice circuit simulator as a guide to understand the abundance of available fractions one may be able to measure. These results support the potential for drastically simplifying device processing time and may be used for many other two-dimensional materials. Published by Elsevier Ltd.