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Atomic-scale control of tunneling in donor-based devices

TitleAtomic-scale control of tunneling in donor-based devices
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsX. Wang, J. Wyrick, R. V. Kashid, P. Namboodiri, S. W. Schmucker, A. Murphy, , and R. M. Silver
JournalCommun. Phys.
Date Publishedmay

Atomically precise donor-based quantum devices are a promising candidate for solid-state quantum computing and analog quantum simulations. However, critical challenges in atomically precise fabrication have meant systematic, atomic scale control of the tunneling rates and tunnel coupling has not been demonstrated. Here using a room temperature grown locking layer and precise control over the entire fabrication process, we reduce unintentional dopant movement while achieving high quality epitaxy in scanning tunnelling microscope (STM)-patterned devices. Using the Si(100)2 x 1 surface reconstruction as an atomically-precise ruler to characterize the tunnel gap in precision-patterned single electron transistors, we demonstrate the exponential scaling of the tunneling resistance on the tunnel gap as it is varied from 7 dimer rows to 16 dimer rows. We demonstrate the capability to reproducibly pattern devices with atomic precision and a donor-based fabrication process where atomic scale changes in the patterned tunnel gap result in the expected changes in the tunneling rates.