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4¯-quasi-phase-matched interactions in GaAs microdisk cavities

Title4¯-quasi-phase-matched interactions in GaAs microdisk cavities
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsP. S. Kuo, W. Fang, and G. S. Solomon
JournalOptics Letters
Date Publishednov
Keywords2009, Harmonic generation and mixing, Semiconductor materials, Semiconductor nonlinear optics including MQW, Single Fellow

We describe quasi-phase-matched nonlinear interactions in materials that possess 4¯ symmetry, such as GaAs. 4¯ symmetry together with curved propagation geometries produce quasi phase matching (QPM) without need of external domain inversions. To improve efficiency of nonlinear optical mixing, 4¯-QPM can be combined with resonant microcavities such as whispering-gallery-mode microdisks. All interacting waves must be resonant with the cavity, which leads to stringent tuning requirements. We show tuning behavior for second-harmonic generation in a GaAs microdisk cavity and estimate that, with milliwatt-level external pumping, approximately 0.1% power-conversion efficiency can be obtained with negligible higher-order nonlinear effects.