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Paul Hess

Postdoctoral Researcher
First Name: 
Middle Initial: 
Last Name: 
(301) 405-1666
UMD Email: 
UMD Office: 
University of Maryland
2251 Atlantic Bldg. #224
College Park, MD 20742
NIST Office: 
Home Institution: 
United States
Research Description: 

I am a post-doctoral researcher in the Joint Quantum Institute at the University of Maryland. Using laser cooled arrays of trapped and levitated atomic ions, I study the unique properties of many-body quantum systems. As part of the Trapped Ion Quantum Information group, I am working to engineer these highly controllable systems into the fundamental components of a quantum computer.

I received my Ph.D. in physics from Harvard University in 2014, and my B.A. in astrophysics from Williams College in 2008.

When not in the lab, I enjoy playing ultimate frisbee and experimenting in the kitchen with exotic recipes.