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Grad student working @ NIST JQI lab. permissions: Edwards/JQI

Credit: E. Edwards/JQI

The Joint Quantum Institute offers research opportunities for undergraduate students, graduate students and postdoctoral researchers.

Postdoctoral Researchers

JQI offers annual theoretical and experimental Postdoctoral Fellowships. Postdoctoral Fellows are expected to work in close collaboration with one or (ideally) more than one JQI Fellow. The successful applicant has the freedom to choose from a variety of research areas. Quantum information science utilizes many different physical systems. At JQI, researchers can work in areas such as quantum condensed matter physics, many-body physics, degenerate gases, quantum information, quantum optics, and superconductivity. Applicants are encouraged to explore the JQI website and to contact JQI Fellows to inquire about current research interests. Research may be carried out at the University of Maryland campus or the NIST campus in Gaithersburg.

The application for the JQI Theoretical Fellowship is now closed.

The application for the JQI Experimental Fellowship is now closed.

In 2018, JQI began advertising a separate Theoretical Quantum Optics Fellowship. The term "quantum optics" is meant in the broadest sense, and includes atomic, molecular, and optical physics, as well as aspects of quantum information theory, condensed matter physics, and quantum thermodynamics. The University of Maryland Theoretical Quantum Optics Fellows will be encouraged to collaborate broadly across JQI, QuICS, and CMTC.

The application for the Theortical Quantum Optics Fellowship is now closed.

Graduate Students

Graduate students in the Department of Physics at the University of Maryland may work with JQI Fellows. Students should make inquiries directly to the Fellow whose research area is of interest. For general information about applying to the Department of Physics graduate program, please visit

In addition, JQI has a limited number of Graduate Assistantships.

JQI Graduate Fellowships

JQI Graduate Fellowships are awarded to exceptional applicants. Graduate fellows are required to work with one of the JQI Fellows. The term of appointment is two years, renewable yearly for up to five years. The annual stipend is $36,000 and benefits are included. There is no tuition charge. JQI is an Equal Opportunity employer and applications from women and minorities are encouraged.

To be considered, please follow the procedure for applying to the Physics Graduate Program at:

In the Application for Admission, under "Educational Intent," select Joint Quantum Institute as one of your Areas of Interest.

Undergraduate Researchers

JQI supports undergraduate researchers throughout the year. Students can apply for a summer research opportunity by contacting research groups or JQI fellows.

LPS Qubit Collaboratory

The Laboratory for Physical Sciences (LPS), one of JQI's founding partners, announced the formation of the LPS Qubit Collaboratory (LQC) in October 2020. The LQC is currently seeking candidates for postdoctoral and research scientist positions. More information about open positions can be found at the following link: