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CMTC Spring Symposium

May 20, 2019 to May 22, 2019
CMTC Conference Room
2205 Toll Physics Building
College Park, MD 20742
United States
May 20, 2019
Time Speaker Name Title
11:00 AM Victor Galitski
"Quantum Lyapunov Exponents"
11:45 AM Yunxiang Liao
"Two-Fluid Hydrodynamics and Viscosity Suppression in Fluctuating Superconductors"
2:00 PM Robert Throckmorton
"Several topics in qubit error correction"
2:45 PM Yi-Ting Hsu
"Inversion-protected topological crystalline superconductivity in monolayer WTe$_2$ "
3:00 PM Anibal Iucci
May 21, 2019
Time Speaker Name Title
11:00 AM Jay D. Sau
"Theory of coherent phase modes in insulating Josephson junction chains "
11:45 AM Fengcheng Wu
"Phonon-induced giant linear-in-T resistivity and exotic superconductivity in twisted bilayer graphene"
2:00 PM Mike Schecter
"Configuration-Controlled Many-Body Localization and the Mobility Emulsion"
2:45 PM Danny Bulmash
"Gauging fractons: a new class of non-Abelian fracton models"
3:30 PM Ruixing Zhang
"Higher order topology in iron-based superconductors"
May 22, 2019
Time Speaker Name Title
11:00 AM Brian Swingle
"Sparse SYK Model"
11:45 AM Shenglong Xu
"Quantum information dynamics in many-body systems"
2:00 PM Will Cole
"Simulating capacitively-shunted Josephson junctions"
2:45 PM Tom Iadecola
"Quantum Many-Body Scars and Space-Time Crystalline Order from Magnon Condensation"