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Sylvain Ravets awarded DIM Nano-K thesis prize

Photo: ETH Zurich/D-PHYS Heidi Hostettler

Sylvain Ravets has recently been awarded the DIM Nano-K prize for his thesis “Development of tools for quantum engineering using individual atoms: optical nanofibers and controlled Rydberg interactions.” Awarded annually by C’Nano IdF (a French organization promoting nanoscience research), the prize recognizes him for “research at the interface between nanosciences and cold atoms.” The DIM Nano-K gathers IFRAF (Île-de-France Cold Atom Research Institute) and C’Nano IdF (centre of competences in nanosciences for the Ile-de-France region) under the label of “Domain of Major Interest” (DIM) of the Paris Region.

While a student at the Institut d’Optique in the group of Antoine Browaeys, Ravets received fellowships from the Fulbright and the Monahan foundations to study at the JQI from 2011 to 2013. At the JQI he worked in Luis Orozco's group with Jonathan Hoffman on the manufacture and characterization of optical nanofibers for the “Atoms on SQUIDS” project. On returning to the Institut d’Optique, Ravets worked on performing quantum simulations with excited Rydberg states. His thesis discusses the work done at both institutions.

Ravets is currently a postdoc in the group of Atac Imamoglu at ETH Zürich, where he studies two-dimensional electron systems in optical cavities.