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Peter Kordell is awarded undergraduate research prize

August 27, 2013

Peter Kordell, a UMD undergrad, was awarded the IPST Monroe Martin Prize for Undergraduate Research in Physics. Kordel, now a graduate student at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, worked with Luis Orozco on the Atoms on SQUIDs experiment. His research paper was titled "Three Layer Optical Fiber Simulations and Analysis." 

The Atoms on SQUIDs research project is supported by the PFC @ JQI. It focuses on a hybrid QI approach, developing coupled atom-SQUID systems that can exploit the long coherence times of atomic systems for quantum memory and the fast, robust operations, control, and interconnectivity of SC qubits. In the design, the researchers will use a tapered optical fiber to trap cold atoms near a superconducting device. On the atom-fiber side of the project, the team has successfully trapped atoms on an optical fiber.