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Outside the classroom

Spotlight on undergraduate researchers

Patterson works on a circuit in L. Orozco's lab. Credit/permission: JQI

From Left: C. Senko, A. Lee, and P. Richerme discuss how to improve their experiment on ion traps. Credit/permission: JQI

Burkley Patterson is a UMD undergraduate who works in Luis Orozco's research group. Recently, he co-authored a paper that appeared in the open access publication New Journal of Physics. The paper is titled "Control of conditional quantum beats in cavity QED: amplitude decoherence and phase shifts." Visit this link to see a video abstract with co-authors A D Cimmarusti, C A Schroeder, and Patterson.

Aaron Lee is a graduate student working in Chris Monroe's Trapped Ion Quantum Information group. He joined Monroe's team as an undergraduate and dove into the research enthusiastically. He began working on electronics, but quickly advanced to sophisticated programming of experimental sequences. Aaron most recently has been a co-author on papers from the group on quantum simulation of Ising magnets.