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Efficient Control of 2D Magnetism

January 31, 2022 - 11:00am
Cheng Gong
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Quantum Technology Center, University of Maryland, College Park

Abstract: Emergent two-dimensional (2D) atomic crystals [1,2] hold great promise for efficient control of magnetism, fundamentally owing to the 2D nature. However, thus far, there have been only proof-of-concept reports on electrical and optical control of 2D magnetism, and there appear to be some fundamental obstacles for the efficient control. In this talk, I will analyze the challenges and present our recent theoretical and experimental progress on efficient electrical and optical control of 2D magnetism [3-5]. Specifically, our results show that the continuous wave laser of 10s of uW/um2 can effectively change the domain behaviors in 2D magnets, and 100 mV/nm electric field can effectively change the magnetic anisotropy of 2D magnets. We envision the efficient control of 2D magnets could open new avenues for the low-power spintronics and photnics.

1. C. Gong et al. Nature 546, 265-269 (2017).
2. C. Gong, X. Zhang. Science 363, eaav4450 (2019).
3. C. Gong, et al. Nature Communications 10, 2657 (2019).
4. S.-J. Gong, et al. PNAS 115, 8511-8516 (2018).
5. E.-W. Du, et al. Nano Letters 20, 7230-7236 (2020).

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