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Driven-dissipative quantum systems and hidden time-reversal symmetries

November 15, 2021 - 11:00am
Aashish Clerk
University of Chicago
Quantum systems subject to both driving and dissipation often have complex, non-thermal steady states, and are at the forefront of research in many areas of physics, including quantum information processing.  For classical systems, microscopic time-reversal symmetry leads to open systems satisfying detailed balance; this symmetry makes it extremely easy to find their stationary states.  In this talk, I’ll discuss a new way to think about detailed balance in fully quantum settings based on the existence of a “hidden” time-reversal symmetry.  I’ll show how this symmetry connects to the study of thermofield double states, and moreover, has a direct operational utility:  it provides a direct way to find exact solutions of non-trivial states.  This symmetry is present in a number of experimentally-relevant systems. and has clear experimental signatures.  I’ll try to give a gentle introduction to these ideas, with a particular focus on many-body driven-dissipative Bose Hubbard like models (as can be realized directly in superconducting circuits and a variety of quantum optical platforms).  


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