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Experimental simulation of para-particle dynamics

October 15, 2021 - 12:00pm
Cinthia Huerta
JQI/Los Alamos National Laboratory

Quantum mechanics allows for a consistent formulation of particles that are neither bosons nor fermions. In this talk, I’ll present a particular example of those particles, the so-called para-particles, which arise as a generalization of the usual bosons and fermions. Even though these particles are unlikely to be present in nature, a quantum system involving a spin-½ degree of freedom coupled to two bosonic modes yields a Hamiltonian that describes para-bosons and para-fermions. During the talk, I’ll present the analog simulation of para-particle oscillators with a single trapped ion by tailoring the native couplings of two orthogonal motional modes in the trap, as well as its digital implementation on a trapped-ion quantum computer.  Our results reproduce the well-defined dynamics for para-bosons and para-fermions of even order, demonstrates the full controllability of para-particle oscillators using a trapped-ion experiment, and represent an opportunity for the verification of previously proposed and future para-particle applications.

Pizza and drinks served after the talk.

ATL 2324 and Virtual Via Zoom: