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Energy absorption in chaotic billiards under rapid periodic driving

September 24, 2021 - 12:00pm
Wade Hodson
Grad student, UMD physics

In this talk, I will discuss chaotic billiard systems subject to a rapid periodic driving force, with driving frequency ω. Classically, the energy of such systems changes by small, effectively random increments associated with collisions with the billiard wall, leading to a random walk in energy space, or “energy diffusion.” I will present a Fokker-Planck description of this process. This model displays several notable features, including a 1/ω² scaling of the energy absorption rate, and (in certain special cases) an exact analytical solution. I will also present numerical results which corroborate the model. Finally, I will discuss how the energy diffusion framework may be applicable to many-particle interacting systems, as well as to quantum billiards in the semiclassical limit.

(talk starts at noon, pizza and drinks served afterwards)

ATL 2324 and online on zoom: