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Crystallography of Hyperbolic Lattices

June 14, 2021 - 11:00am
Igor Boettcher
University of Alberta

Hyperbolic lattices are tessellations of the hyperbolic plane using,
for instance, heptagons or octagons. They are relevant for quantum
error correcting codes and experimental simulations of curved space
quantum physics in circuit quantum electrodynamics. Underneath their
perplexing beauty lies a hidden and, perhaps, unexpected periodicity
that allows us to identify the unit cell and Bravais lattice for a
given hyperbolic lattice. This paves the way for applying powerful
concepts from solid state physics and, potentially, finding a
generalization of Bloch's theorem to hyperbolic lattices. In my talk,
I will explain how to build a hyperbolic crystallography and apply it
to physically relevant problems.

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