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Microscopy of Elongated Superfluids

April 6, 2020 - 12:40pm
Francisco Salces Carcoba

Dissertation Committee Chair: Luis Orozco


Alicia Kollar

Mohammad Hafezi (Dean’s rep)

William D. Phillips

Ian Spielman (Advisor)


Quasi one-dimensional (1D) clouds of ultracold atoms are an ideal platform for quantum simulation and experimental benchmarking of simple 1D physics. I present two experiments with elongated clouds of ultracold alkali Rb-87 in two different 1D regimes, where optical microscopy comprises measurement. In a first experiment, we probe the thermodynamics of individual, strongly interacting 1D Bose gases by measuring their equations of state in-situ. In a second experiment with weakly interacting elongated condensates, we apply digital holographic microscopy to transfer hardware complexity into software by removing the effects of aberrations in our resonant absorption images.