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Discontinuous Galerkin Methods in Nano-Photonics

September 18, 2019 - 3:30pm
Kurt Busch
Humboldt Universitat and Max-Born-Institut, Berlin

Discontinuous Galerkin methods facilitate efficient computations of nano-photonic systems by combining the flexibility of finite element approaches with efficient time-stepping capabilities. While the former allows for an accurate representation of complex geometries, the latter requires material models that are amenable to auxiliary differential equations techniques. In this talk, the present state of Discontinuous Galerkin Time-Domain (DGTD) approaches to nano-photonic systems is reviewed (from a necessarily biased angle). This includes methodic aspects such as convergence properties of DGTD computations, multiple time-stepping algorithms and material models for the magneto-optical and the nonlocal & nonlinear properties of plasmonic systems. In addition, selected applications such as the computation of electron energy loss spectra, modified emission dynamics, and fluctuation-induced forces (e.g., Casimir-Polder etc.) will be described.

Host: Kanupriya Sinha

PSC 2136