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Science of Science

May 7, 2019 - 4:00pm
Santo Fortunato
Indiana University
Science of science is the study of the activity of science makers, via their production, citation, collaboration, funding, and mobility patterns. Here I will present findings on citation dynamics and productivity. The distribution of the number of citations of papers published in the same year and discipline follows a universal curve, if the number of citations is properly rescaled. This allows for unbiased comparisons of the citation-based impact of works in different disciplines. I will introduce key mechanisms behind citation dynamics, like preferential attachment and knowledge obsolescence, and show that 
scientific reputation can artificially boost the impact of a work. The exponential growth of scientific output has two major consequences (among others): papers are forgotten faster and faster and there is citation inflation, i.e. the value of a citation decreases in time.
Finally I will prove that you will never get the Nobel Prize, sadly.
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