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Advances in Quantum Spectral Estimation by Qubit Sensors

February 4, 2019 - 11:00am
Lorenza Viola

Accurately characterizing the spectral properties of environmental
noise in open quantum systems is both a prerequisite for quantitative
modeling and prediction, and a key step toward optimizing control
performance for high-fidelity quantum information processing and
quantum sensing applications. In realistic settings, simplifying
assumptions such as Gaussianity or classicality of the noise sources
need not be a priori obeyed; furthermore, interpreting the sensor's
output may be complicated due to out-of-band spectral leakage. I will
describe recent theoretical advances in developing quantum control
methods for spectral estimation by qubit sensors, and outline
proof-of-principle experimental validations using trapped-ion and
superconducting qubit devices, along with emerging challenges.

Atlantic 2400