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Universal logical gate sets with constant time overhead in quantum error correcting codes

September 5, 2018 - 11:00am
Maissam Barkeshli
University of Maryland

Recent advances in applied mathematics (Gamba and
Rjasanow, JCP 2018) make direct solution of the Boltzmann equation
particularly accessible. A recently-developed implementation,
LightningBoltz, has been optimized, parallelized, and rigorously
benchmarked. Features include general large-angle, inelastic,
and/or self-collisions. Collision matrices are pre-computed and
stored on an online database, making time advancement remarkably
efficient. I will also discuss possible future applications for
this tool including discharges, reentry blackout, tokamak
divertors, runaway electrons, carbon sequestration, and more.

PSC 3150