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Quantum simulation of para-particles

May 4, 2018 - 4:00pm
Cinthia Huerta Alderete
Instituto Nacional de Astrofísica, Óptica y Electrónica, INAOE, Mexico.

Quantum simulations provide a testbed to study a broad range of problems in physics, chemistry, and biology. We propose an ion trap scheme to quantum simulate a para-particle oscillator of even order. Our quantum simulation starts from the cross-cavity quantum Rabi model. Resonant fields and homogeneous coupling constants allow us to recover an effective Hamiltonian where the first (second) boson field mode couples to the two-level system under (anti-)Jaynes-Cummings dynamics, that can be map into a driven para-Bose oscillator of even order. On the other hand, if both field modes couple to the two-level system under Jaynes-Cummings dynamics, we can make an analogy with para-Fermi oscillators, also of even order. These simulations might shed light on the quantum state engineering of separable and entangled bichromatic field modes.

Notes: Snacks and drinks at 4:00 pm, talk at 4:10 pm.

PSC 2136