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CMTC Fall Symposium

November 15, 2017 - 9:00am to November 17, 2017 - 4:00pm

November 15 (Wednesday)


9:00 AM Maissam Barkeshli “Single-shot modular transformations: transversal logic gates and measuring fractional statistics”

9:50 AM Yahya Alavirad “Edge state super current in the quantum hall regime”

10:40 AM Junhyun Lee “Chiral anomaly without Landau levels”

MBL and Entanglement

11:30 AM Tom Iadecola “Symmetry-protected macroscopic degeneracy in Floquet systems”

12:20-1:45 Lunch Break

1:50 PM Xiao Li “Observation of mobility edges in a one-dimensional bichromatic incommensurate potential”

2:40 PM Brian Swingle “Quantum dynamics with tensor networks”

3:30 PM Dong-Ling Deng “Measuring Quantum Entanglement Entropy through Restricted Boltzmann Machines”

November 16 (Thursday)


9:00 AM Mike Schecter “Thermal Ising Transitions in 2D Heisenberg Magnets”

9:50 AM Lance Boyer “A Model for Metastable Magnetism in the Hidden-Order Phase of URu2Si2”


10:40 AM Danny Bulmash “Fractons and Gapped Boundaries”

11:30 AM Shenglong Xu “Interaction effects from the parity of N in SU(N) symmetric fermion lattice systems”

12:20-1:50 Lunch Break

November 17 (Friday)


9:00 AM Jay Sau “Teleportation as a signature for Majorana bound states in the weak Coulomb blockade limit”

9:50 AM Ching-Kai Chiu “Conductance interference in a superconducting Coulomb blockaded Majorana ring”

10:40 AM Will Cole “1D spin-orbit coupled bosons: spin-momentum locking and the quantum critical point”

11:30 AM Chunxiao Liu “Andreev bound states versus Majorana bound states in quantum dot-nanowire-superconductor hybrid structures: trivial versus topological zero-bias conductance peaks”

12:20-1:45 Lunch Break

1:50 PM Yi-Ting Hsu “Topological superconductivity in monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides”

Spin Qubits

2:40 PM Robert Throckmorton “Fast pulse sequences for dynamically corrected gates in singlet-triplet qubits”

3:30 PM Yang Song “Spin-orbit coupling induced two-electron relaxation in silicon donor pairs”

2205 Toll Physics Building