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On-chip engineered and disordered nanophotonics

August 2, 2017 - 2:00pm
Luca Sapienza
Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of Southampton, United Kingdom

Solid-state quantum emitters are required for quantum information protocols relying on the storage, manipulation, and transmission of the information encoded in single photons through optical cavities and waveguides. Semiconductor quantum dots are particularly promising quantum light sources that can allow both the investigation of fundamental physics phenomena on a chip and quantum technology applications [1]. 
I will present a quantum dot positioning technique that allows to deterministically fabricate nanophotonic devices with optimally located single emitters and tailored to the emission properties of specific single quantum dots. I will show its implementation to realise simultaneously bright and pure, on-demand, single-photon emission by circular grating cavities [2] and metallic ring nanolenses [3]. Then I will describe how such an optical positioning technique can be combined to atomic force microscopy to increase the yield of nanophotonic devices and study the morphology of quantum dots grown by molecular beam epitaxy [4]. 
Finally, I will focus on the comparison between highly engineered structures and disordered photonic crystal waveguides in the Anderson-localised regime, showing efficient light confinement and optical sensing on a silicon nitride platform operating at visible wavelengths, up to room temperature [5].



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