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Blair Magnet Research Project Program Overview

May 6, 2016 - 3:00pm
Angelique Bosse
Science Magnet Program, Montgomery Blair High School

The  Science  Magnet  Program  at  Montgomery  Blair  High  School  encourages  students  tocomplete  a  research  project  during  the  junior  and  senior  school  years.  The  bulk  of  theresearch project work for most students occurs during the summer between their junior andsenior  years.  Researchers  from  academic  institutions,  government  institutions,  or  privatecompanies  mentor  students,  either  as  part  of  a  structured  internship  program,  or  as  anindependently arranged internship. The goal of this presentation is to provide informationto  potential  mentors  at  the  University  of  Maryland  regarding  the  Blair  Magnet  internshipprogram.  Topics  to  be  covered  include  basic  information  about  the  Blair  research  projectclasses, the role of the mentor in the internship process, and the benefits of the program forthe student, the mentor and the institution.

PSC 2136
College Park, MD 20742