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New to JQI?

Here is a to-do list to get you started at JQI. Welcome!


  1. To get your UMD ID card, please go to the Mitchell Bldg.
  2. Set up a UMD email address
  3. Send an email to with email address to be added to the JQI listserv and to the people pages
  4. Using your email, login to and fill in data for People Profile
  5. Take Responsible Conduct in Research online course at Once completed take proof of completion to Melissa Britton or email it to
  6. Office Assignments in the Atlantic Bldg, please come see Melissa Britton or email her at
  7. Need a key for an office in the Atlantic Bldg, please come see Melissa Britton or email her at


  1. Before travel, please pick up a travel form from the JQI Administration Office in ATL 2207 (or download the form below).
  2. The forms must be completed and signed by your PI before any arrangements will be made.
  3. Forms should be submitted at least 3 weeks prior for domestic travel, and 4 weeks prior for foreign travel. 
  4. If you have any questions after reviewing the travel rules and regulations, please contact Kaitlyn Walker via email at

VISA status

  1. If you are here in the US on a Visa, please be aware of the renewal dates.  Melissa Britton handles the Visa issues for the Joint Quantum Institute.  

  2. However, it is not the policy of the Department to remind students of the expiration of their Visas.  Please allow plenty of time for this process.


  1. If you are purchasing items, please use the online procurement form.
  3. This can also be found on the Physics webpage under the Services tab.
  4. If the purchase is over $5,000, you will need a quote on vendor letterhead, and a sole source justification form filled out.
  5. Once these two forms are completed, please upload the quote on the online procurement form and for the sole source justification form, please send that to the person that is taking care of your request. 
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