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JQI Women in Physics


JQI and PFC jointly recognize the need for creating an environment that encourages and supports women in physics. This page will provide information about resources and events that may be of interest. Currently, JQI Fellow and Co-Director Gretchen Campbell coordinates events for JQI women. For more information about the group and to suggest content, please email


The JQI/PFC offers a parental use and lactation room, located in CSS Wing 2, room 2222. We recognize that this may not provide a convenient place for all JQI parents, so we work with the Department of Physics to accomodate those whose offices and labs are located in the Physics Bldg, Physical Science Complex, and elsewhere. Additionally, the Engineering department has a room located in Martin Hall. For information on that facility, visit

The University has implemented a paid leave policy for faculty and staff, for both parents. Please visit the sites for more detailed information. Graduate students are, according to the University, not considered faculty/staff and their benefits can be found here:

The University occasionally changes the policy regarding family leave, thus we encourage members to contact human resources for the most up-to-date information. We strive to support our members, thus if there are questions about the leave policy or if you are in need of guidance, please don't hesitate to ask.

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